Sascha Pohflepp, Recursion (still), 2016. HD video, 2:00 min. Performed by Erika Ostrander. Courtesy the artist


NOVEMBER 17, 2018 - JANUARY 20, 2019

OPENING: November 16, 7 PM

Up to now, humans consider themselves the only living creatures capable of reflecting on themselves and their environment: they, therefore, possess consciousness. However, current studies are indicating that artificial intelligence could already be enabled to evolve an equally autonomous consciousness capable of learning within the next 50 years. What was developed as a mechanical aid to overcoming human weaknesses, could, then, very soon represent yet further developed, optimised human beings and throw these latter back upon the other side of their humanity: their capacity for suffering through physical deterioration and their capacity of moral judgements. The international group exhibition, [ˈhjuːmən], is, therefore, risking a speculative look at the human species, where qualities such as vulnerability, imperfection or emotionality suddenly become its most important distinguishing features. It presents an accessible environment of video works, interventions in the exhibition space and performances to question and reflect our self-image as humans. It challenges us to take on the viewpoint of artificial counterparts and, in that way, to sound out our own moral, demarcatory or aesthetic boundaries.