Iman Issa, Heritage Studies #21, 2016, Blackened wood, Vinyl Text, Installation view (Detail), Courtesy the artist

Iman Issa

NOVEMBER 18, 2017 - JANUARY 28, 2018

The artistic work of Iman Issa (*1979 in Cairo, EGY, lives in New York, USA) deals with the possibilities of association and individual experience. Through  installation, sculpture, photography and text the artist investigates how history, language and objects, in particular, relate together. In her ongoing studies,  Issa employs a range of forms, materials and strategies, in order to, on the one hand, deconstruct things in their essence, and on the other, to make missing subtexts, concepts and narratives visible. The artist does not reveal whatever is the source she is using. Yet descriptions and captions on the original works are an important component in her work. »Material« (2010-12) is based on the  relation between the material and the function of sculpture. A selection of works from the second half of the twentieth century, whose titles consist of individual words, forms the starting point in »Lexicon« (from 2012 onwards). »Heritage Studies« (from 2015 onwards) takes up research into cultural heritage and into the way we use history. This way the sculptural interpretations by Iman Issa investigate the act of perception itself and enquire into the significance of historical artefacts for the present day.

To mark the exhibition, a 28-page brochure will be published (German/English).