New Concrete Poetry

The symposium »The New Concrete Poetry« investigates in the current artistic interest in concrete poetry. In addition to a keynote lecture by Eugen Gomringer, the symposium presents readings, lectures, talks and live performances by contemporary artists and poets. In the tradition of the »Bielefelder Colloquium Neue Poesie«

(1978 – 2003) this event showcases a wide range of voices and transdisciplinary forms of contemporary poetry.

Reservation and attendance fee

Due to limited access your reservation via email ( or Fax (+49-521-178810) is requested. The attendance fee of the conference will be 10 euros (reduced 6 euros, members for free).


Eugen Gomringer, born in Cachuela Esperanza (BOL) in 1925 and grew up in Switzerland, lives and works in Rehau, Germany. He studied economics and art history in Bern and Rome. In the 1950s, he was Max Bill’s secretary at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm [Ulm School of Design] and at that time belonged to the circles of the Wiener Gruppe [Vienna Group] around Oswald Wiener and Gerhard Rühm as well as the Stuttgarter Schule [Stuttgart School] around Max Bense. Among other things, he worked in the 1960s as manager of the Schweizer Werkbund [Swiss Werkbund] and as a member of the council for the documenta 4 in 1968. From 1967 onwards, he was an artistic adviser and cultural director to Rosenthal AG in Selb for almost twenty years. From 1978 to 1990, he held the position of Professor for Theory and Aesthetics at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf [Düsseldorf Academy of Art]. From 1986 onwards, he held a guest professorship in Bamberg and in 1988 became the creative director of the Internationales Forum für Gestaltung in Ulm (International Forum for Design). In 2000 he founded the Institute of Concrete Art and Poetry – Archive Eugen Gomringer in Rehau. He is one of the most important theoreticians of the concrete in art and literature and has written many programmatic publications. Alongside that, he has also authored monographs, essays and poems on works by Josef Albers, Heinz Gappmayr, Rupprecht Geiger, Otto Herbert Hajek, Marcello Morandini, Heinz-Günter Prager and Günther Uecker.

Foto: Dennis Neuschäfer-Rube


Cia Rinne, born in Gothenburg (SWE) in 1973, lives and works as a poet and artist in Berlin. To her numerous publications are belonging, among others, »zaroum« (2001), »notes of soloists« (2009) and »should we blind ourselves and leave thebes (a short history of either or)« (2013). She participated with her work in numerous group exhibitions, among others, at the Tallinn Print Triennial (FIN) (2014), at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå (SWE), at Haus am Waldsee in Berlin, at Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center (beide 2013) as well as at Grimmuseum in Berlin (2012).


Michalis Pichler, born in Berlin in 1972, lives and works as an artist in Berlin. Most recently, Printed Matter in New York City (USA) (2015), OEI colour project in Stockholm (SWE) (2014) and PrintRoom in Rotterdam (NL) (2013) has presented solo exhibitions by the artist. Furthermore he has participated in numerous group exhibitions, among others, at Kunsthal Aarhus (DK) (2015), at Nassauischen Kunstverein (2014) as well as at Center for Book Arts in New York City (USA). He is co-founder of the art book fair Miss Read and the Conceptual Poetic Days in Berlin.


Ann Cotten, born in Ames (USA) in 1982, lives and works as a writer and poet in Berlin. In 2014, she received the Wilhelm Lehmann Prize and the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize for her previous oeuvre, especially for the anthology »Der schaudernde Fächer« (2013). She received the advancement award of the Hermann Hesse Literary Prize for her anthology »Florida-Räume« (2010) and the Reinhard Priessnitz Prize as well as the Clemens Brentano Advancement Award for Literatur for »Fremdwörterbuchsonette« (2007).


Saturday, August 29, 2015


Location: Bielefelder Kunstverein, Welle 61, 33602 Bielefeld

   11:30 am    Accreditation

   12:00 am    Introduction by Thomas Thiel
               Lecture by Eugen Gomringer

   Break with guided tour through the exhibition

   3:00 pm    Reading and performance by
              Hanne Lippard
              Karl Holmqvist
              Sophia Le Fraga

   4:00 pm    Reading and lecture by
              Cia Rinne
              Michalis Pichler
              Ann Cotten


   5:00 pm    Roundtable discussion with
              Eugen Gomringer, Hanne Lippard,
              Karl Holmqvist, Sophia Le Fraga
              Cia Rinne, Michalis Pichler, Ann
              Cotten and Thomas Thiel

Location: Nr. z. P., Große-Kurfürsten-Straße 81, 33615 Bielefeld

   10:00 pm    Performance by
               Michalis Pichler
               Luci Lippard
               Steven Warwick

   12:00 pm    Heatsick, dj set

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Sophia Le Frage, born in 1990, lives and works as a poet in her hometown New York City (USA). She is the author of  the publicatons »</V>« , »literallydead« (2015), »I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET« (2014) and »I RL, YOU RL« (2013). She has participated with her works in numerous group shows, among others, at Broken Dimanche Press in Berlin, at Proxy in Providence (USA) (both 2015), at Jenkins-Johnson Gallery in Paris (FR), at SALTS in Basel (CH) as well as at Transmediale in Berlin (alle 2014). She is teaching at BHQFU in New York City (USA).


Karl Holmqvist, born in Västerås (SWE) in 1964, lives and works as an artist in Berlin. Most recently, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York City (USA) (2015), Hollybush Garden in London (UK) (2014) as well as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm (SWE) (2013) have presented the artist in solo exhibitions. Furthermore he has participated with his works in numerous group shows, among others, at Venedig Biennale, at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (USA) (both 2015), at RONGWRONG in Amsterdam (NL) (2014), at Kunsthalle Wien and at Witte de With in Rotterdam (NL) (both 2013).


Hanne Lippard, born in Milton Keynes (UK) in 1984, lives and works as an artist in Berlin. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, among others, at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, at Galerie Thomas Fischer (both 2014), at Exile, Berlin as well as at Broken Dimanche Press in Berlin (both 2013). This year, she received the Ars Viva Award 2016. She is performing together with the artist Lucinda Dayhew as Luci Lippard.