Migrant images photo award

In the context of the exhibition »Asylum« the Bielefelder Kunstverein invited refugees in Bielefeld and the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe to the photo competition themed »Migrant Images«. The Bielefelder Kunstverein defines itself as a site with its programme oriented towards the exhibition and events of international contemporary art.

What was the photo competition about?

According to the subject of »Migrant Images« we were looking for documentary photographs that give a personal insight in moments of escape, migration, the arrival and residence in our region. We were interested in images, which document the current situation, from a personal perspective, the homeland as well as experiences on the way to Germany. 

Who could participate?

The competition was open to refugees of all ages in Bielefeld and the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

What happend with the submissions?

The best photographs were selected and awarded with a presentation in the context of the exhibition »Asylum« (28th August – 30th October 2016) at the Bielefelder Kunstverein. All participants were showed with five photographs.



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Saleh Omar speaks about his photographs at the opening the August 26, 2016.

 We would like to thank all participants!

The results of the photo competition »Migrant Images« can be viewed in context of the exhibition »Asylum« at the regular opening hours in the entrance hall of the Bielefelder Kunstverein. Photographs are showed by Khalid Abu Alula, Asad Gholami, Familie Khatib Qasim, Saleh Omar and Armin Yarahmadi.