JULY 2019

WED, JULY 10, 2019, 7 PM
»Renna Reversibile«
The duo »Renna Reversibile« from Bielefeld presents musical pieces that lead through a maze. Behind the next corner is just another corner. Suddenly an opening appears through the thicket: a wide landscape and above it the mystical clarity of the starry sky. Cello: Marta Beauchamp; electric guitar & loops: Xaver Fuchs  

WED, JULY 17, 2019, 7 PM
»Super mit Sosze«
As part of the event series »Super mit Sosze«, Giorgio MacKaye and Stornoschlüssel regularly play DJ sessions in the snack bars in the east of Bielefeld. At the Kunstverein they play an Open Air Special. In addition to cool drinks at our bar we also offer a barbecue that evening.

WED, JULY 24, 2019, 7 PM
»Female Photographers«
The newly founded collective »Female Photographers« understands itself as a feminist response to the media and social representation of women. It wants to generate visibility, expand the network, and thus change the art market. We will talk about this project with Katharina Bosse (artist, professor of photography at the FH Bielefeld and director of Elsa Kunst&/Raum in Bielefeld), who is member of the initiative.

JUNE 2019

THU, JUNE 06, 2019, 7 PM
90 years #engagement
Alice Creischer (artist, Berlin) and Andreas Siekmann (artist, Berlin) in conversation with Nadine Droste about their artistic practice and the current social potential of the format Kunstverein. The event is taking place in context of the 90th anniversary of the Bielefelder Kunstverein.

THU, JUNE 13, 2019, 7 PM
»Searching and Finding«
Artists and authors of the initiative »Naturtrüb« (Bielefeld) will present their new magazine project including drawings, illustrations and texts on the subject of »Searching and Finding«. It will be published in October 2019. The magazine »Naturtrüb« pursues the idea of formulating female perspectives on current social issues. On this basis, we would like to discuss a current concept of feminism and the need for a magazine published by women.

WED, JUNE 19, 2019, 7 PM
»Richard Roe«
Tyler Coburn (artist, USA) presents a lecture performance based on his current publication »Richard Roe«, published by Sternberg Press. »Richard Roe« is the fictional memoir of a legal person. The name is one of the oldest used in English law when the real name of someone is withheld, or when a corpse can’t be identified. Richard Roe is a known unknown, a one-size-fits-all, a potentially everyone and actually no one. Coburn will read excerpts from the book exploring concepts of personhood from legal, psychological, and metaphysical realms.

WED, JUNE 26, 2019, 7 PM
»Communicating Architecture«
Presentation of the publications »Blaibach« and »Schedlberg« published by DETAIL, with Sandra Hofmeister (editor-in-chief, DETAIL) and Edward Beierle (photographer, Munich). Event is taking place in context of the current exhibition »Bayerwaldzyklus« by Peter Haimerl . Architektur and beirle.goerlich, which is on view at Bielefelder Kunstverein until July 07, 2019.

SAT, JUNE 22, 2019, 8 PM

By seemingly so contradictory instruments like sitar, piano and drums, the Pulsar Trio creates a new sound space combining free jazz and world beats.
Stomping beats alternate with lively piano runs and become catchy tunes with complex rhythms.
Concert in cooperation with Kulturamt Bielefeld and Bunker Ulmenwall



The Bielefelder Kunstverein started into the CABRIO-season. CABRIO is not only a series of events, but also a meeting place where you can have a cool drink at the new kiosk in the inner courtyard of the Kunstverein. In case of rain, the events are moved inside. Admission is free.
Curated by Nadine Droste and Jana Wieking.

We would like to thank Bertels Textilhandels GmbH for their kind support of the outdoor chairs.