Moyra Davey, Still from Hell Notes, 1990/2017, Super-8 film with sound, transferred to HD video, Courtesy the artist, greengrassi, London and Galerie Buchholz, Köln/Berlin/New York

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Hell Notes

At the centre of Moyra Davey's (*1958 in Toronto, lives in New York) exhibition at the Bielefelder Kunstverein there will feature work series, both of which deal with the materiality and function of money. The exhibition is augmented by a more recent trilogy of films (2011-2017) as well as a corresponding silver gelatin prints, allowing for a more comprehensive insight into Moyra Davey’s interdisciplinary practice »

February 17 – April 08, 2018

Kristijan Jozić, Stephanie Keller, Mathias Sander, Ante Šarčević

Mathias Sander from Bielefeld is your professional partner for the completion of all parquet works such as grinding & refurbishing; new laying, surface treatment as well as terraces & wooden balcony flooring »

February 17 – April 08, 2018

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